Thursday, April 19, 2012

Youth Hostel, Torrent Servers, and others...

In response to initiating my blog, I immediately received some additional ideas from the facebook community, which I was authorized to share anonymously..

In case you are interested in the Youth Hostel idea, drop me a note, and I will connect you with somebody who definitely has good experience in hosting travellers in Ramallah, and would be a great partner working on this idea.

  • Indian or Thai restaurant: I'm amazed no one's done this, it's so obvious, you'd get all the expats and the Palestinians who've lived abroad and some curious locals.
  • Online network of expats/returned Palestinians providing freelance services
    in English document editing for locals (especially job applications). Win-win.
  • Weather-proofing homes:
    Everyone complains about how drafty the homes here are. Again, how is it that no one's thought to set up a company at a minimum installing seals on doors and windows (which can be bought in hardware stores), all the way up to installation of double-pained glass and insulation in walls and ceilings?
  • Youth hostel:
    This one's my idea so nobody steal it! But unfortunately I don't have 1 million USD to buy a nice old central Ramallah house. If I had inherited one, however, it would be a gold mine. So many foreigners looking for a place to crash, volunteer for short periods of time for the cause, and eager to take all kinds of tours. If someone out there has a location available, I will seriously invest in this.
  • World HQ for pirated material:
    With all these file-sharing websites being shut down in Europe/US, why not just use the legal gray area that is the West Bank/Gaza and set up massive servers to host all this material
    ? If they haven't shut down Stars & Bucks on Manara, who's going to come after some guys in Beitunia with a wharehouse full of computers? 
  • Gaza Strip: A gentlemen's club. Just saying...

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