Monday, July 30, 2012

Meat for the Christians: Trapping Wild Hogs

Hogs Plague in the West Bank

If you are driving or walking through the more rural parts of the West Bank, you will frequently encounter wild hogs, whose growing population became a plague for farmers and hikers likewise, because they tend to eat the harvest, and have been reported to attack humans.

How to Hunt Them?

Wild hogs are strong animals with sharp teeth, and are very hard to hunt without firearms. However firearms are not available for Palestinians due to Israeli restrictions. That's why a skilled hunter needs to employ more traditional methods, i.e. traps. In this video you will find instructions on how to build a trap resistant enough for wild hogs:

Once you trap them, it is going to be challenging to get them killed without firearms. You can get inspiration from this video:

First you should make the animal unconcious (stunning). Some recommendations are found on the FAO page. After that, you should make sure a quick bleeding of the animal. (e.g. hanging on its rear legs from a tripod).
In this video you will find instructions on cleaning the hog after slaughtering:

Sales Channels for the Meat

Obviously it is going to be hard to sell meat from wild pigs to Muslim or Jewish communities. Therefore, you will have to maket the meat among domestic Christian communities (e.g. the famous Christian butcher in Beit Jala), or several places with Christian affiliation in Jerusalem. Maybe a marketing partnership with a famous Christian restaurant would be advisable, because there is very little knowledge about proper cooking of this type of meat.
A good collection of recipes for wild boar can be found here:

Also the Russian-Jewish immigrant community may be worthwhile investigating -- they don't seem to be too picky about proper application of Kosher rules, while they do care for affordable meat.
Furthermore, the export market to Europe could be considered, but you'll have to deal with the strict food safety regulations on imports to Europe.

Health Considerations

The religious rules in Islam and Judaism have a health background. In the times those holy books were written, a common reason for death was infection by Trichinosis, mostly transmitted by pigs, because in those times there was no reliable  food safety regime in place, and many people prepared meat not thoroughly cooked.

Either a veterinary has to check the slaughtered meat for Trichinosis infections, or you have to make sure the meat is thoroughly cooked. The inner temperature of the meat has to be at 74 degrees Celsius for at least 15 seconds to make sure all harmful germs are eliminated.


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