Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Toaster for Arabic Bread

Nothing tastes better than freshly baked bread. Second best option is toasted bread. Arabic bread, or elsewhere called Pita, is available in every little supermarket in Palestine for sensationally cheap price of around 2.5 Shekel for 10 pieces. It is by far the most consumed type of bread in Palestine.

Obviously, you don't want to go to the bakery each time you have a piece of bread, so many people like to deep freeze their bread and then reheat it or toast it before consumption. There are several devices suitable for toasting, but none of them very satisfying for this particular type of bread.

A common toaster is too small for the size of pita bread

A toaster oven works, but it would easily burn the toast, and takes much longer. Besides higher purchase prices and higher electricity bill.

A sandwich toaster is designed for exactly the size of western-style toast

A conveyor toaster works, but is quite expensive -- large pita bread might get stuck in the back of the machine instead of falling down.

Designing a Toaster for Arabic Bread

The design is pretty easy and straightforward: Take a standard toaster and increase the size of the bread slots to approximately 15 by 15cm.

If you don't find a local manufacturer who has sufficient knowledge to design and mass produce such a toaster, you can probably easily find a Chinese manufacturer on www.alibaba.com who will do the job.

You can market and sell it through Sbeitany and also through other distribution channels elsewhere in the region, in which that type of bread is likewise common.


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