Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Car Sex in Palestine

Italians, sometimes called the "Arabs of Europe", invented the trend of car sex, that became especially popular in the more conservative south of Italy, where most young people live with their families until they get married. Via Manzoni in Naples is a famous hot spot for this:

Merchants are selling newspapers, sticky tape, and all other ingredients for a comfortable evening with privacy in your car.

Car Sex Business Potentials in Palestine

South Italy may be conservative according to European standards, but you may find Palestine slightly more conservative still. So instead of parking your car in a public road under trees by the seaside, your customers will want a more hidden spot on a private property with gate and guard.

In order to avoid conflict with local authorities, you may want to put that spot in a C-Area out of reach of the Palestinian Authoritiy's jurisdiction, but still within reach for your customers.

In order to avoid misunderstandings and outrage of religious zealots, you should call it family barbecue and camping site or something more innocent.

Also you need a large spot of land with enough trees so you can give your customers enough privacy so that they do not bump into each other.

In Saudi Arabia, an even more conservative place than Palestine, people rent tents in the desert in order to avoid being bothered by the strict hotel regulations for couples. A luxurious tent may be a value added service you can offer to your clients at a premium in Palestine as well.

So where is the best spot for a camping site with some privacy? You don't want to be more than 30 minutes away from the large populated areas. So, at least one campsite can be established for Bethlehem/Hebron area, and another one for Nablus/Jenin/Tulkarem area. Towards Jordan Valley, there is a lot of C-Area but very few trees. The western end of the West Bank is greener, but more inhabited by jewish settlements. So finding the perfect spot, buying it, and receiving permission by COGAT to develop it, will be the most challenging part of the exercise. The good thing is that COGAT is usually concerned only about permanent structures cast in concrete. So you can run your site with trees, tents and cars, and that should work without much interference by Israeli forces.

Apart from standard clients, you could also host some special-interest events, like gay or lesbian parties.

Car Sex in '48

For '48 Palestinians (those who enjoy the benefits of an Israeli Passport -- others call them "Arab Israelis") and for Jerusalemites, there is more choice for nice spots without the need to pay for it. For Jerusalemites, the Camping Forest near Ein Kerem can be suitable, or go a bit further on Highway 443, between Modiin and Ben Shemen you will find a large forest with more privacy.

For those along the coast, e.g. from Jaffa, there are more choices, for example parking along the lonely beach south of Herzliya Marina.

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